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Milling of dairy supplements is used to improve solubility which in turn enhances overall bioavailability.  Typically, dairy supplements are thermally sensitive and need to be processed under ambient conditions to ensure no degradation occurs. Furthermore, strict environmental controls in conjunction with effective cleaning procedures are required to ensure microbial growth is minimized and maintained within specified limits. Micronisers offers cleaning validation and testing services to ensure compliance with customer and industry standards. Typical products


Typical development includes

Material Evaluation

A small sample will be requested to evaluate the raw material particle size distribution and physical properties. A material safety data sheet is also requested to determine occupational exposure limits (OELs) and explosivity.

Laboratory Trial

Low cost “proof of concept” sample will be evaluated using laboratory milling equipment and will be returned to the customer to evaluate the benefit of the milling or micronisation in their application. The laboratory trial will also allow an estimation of throughput, cost and process parameters required for commercial scale milling.

Production Scale up

Once laboratory sample is evaluated and approved by the customer, then limits for processing parameters, defining manufacturing batch documentation, labelling, cleaning requirements and analytical method will be defined prior to the commencement of scale up production. 

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