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Globally, tunnels are becoming longer and are attracting more expensive maintenance programs. In fact over the last twenty years the costs associated with maintenance in tunnels has increased exponentially. These trends are resulting in the need for tunnels to last longer. The requirement for best practice has never been more important in order to achieve:

  • Cost efficient design
  • Enhances service life
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Highest safety

ProGuardTM is a coating that is a designed solution to a request for a new coating material to be manufactured to fulfill new standards in safety in road tunnels. The scope of this request is summarized below:

  • Increased tunnel safety by reducing pollution and easier, faster cleaning. A bright, stable and clean tunnel was the primary aim.
  • Reduction of maintenance time. Simple, chemical free cleaning procedures. Cleaning with water (low-medium pressure spray) and rotating brush.
  • Increased resistance to environmental influences (temperature, moisture, chemical attack from salts, diesel soot, rubber abrasion etc.
  • Protect the value of the investment - robust and durable coating (one coat to last 30 years).
  • Minimisation of risk in application.
  • Not critical to application conditions (temperature, moisture).
  • Short tunnel closures.

Other applications for ProGuardTM include carparks, buildings, water and waste water treatment plants, pulp and paper, power generation and road infrastructure such as bridges for decorative, easy to clean and protective functionality.

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